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We are looking for technical trainers for at least one of the following profiles (click into the profile to see the complete offer):

Spring, Spring boot, Microservices,
Groovy, Gradle, Jenkins, Sonar, etc.

TypeScript, Node, Angular, HTML,
CSS, Webpack, React, VUE, etc.

Linux, Servidores Aplicaciones, Jenkins,
Sonar, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc.

MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop,
Spark, Elasticsearch, Kibana, etc.

What services we provide?

 Presales Training

  • Making of requirements
  • Elaboration of agenda
  • Valuation of participants level
  • Creation of offers and tender

 Accompaniment for people and teams

  • Coaching
  • Code-reviews
  • Technical Audits

 Technical rapporteurs

  • Teaching of on-site courses
  • Teaching of virtual courses
  • Technical lectures, events and seminars
  • Workshops and Labs
  • One on One courses

 Creation and Development of contents

  • Study materials: tutorials, manuals, exercises, etc
  • Multimedia contents: video courses, training tablets, news and articles

 System Management

  • Provision and configuration of Cloud infrastructures for courses
  • Creation of virtual campuses and training environment

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What do we do?

IT training from professionals to professionals

Nowadays, with all the available technologies and frameworks, a company could devote too much effort to analyze, compare, and finally decide what is the best technical stack to build their projects, or develop their business.

Our consulting and training services can help your company in this task. We have over 15 years experience in development and systems, and about 80,000 hours of training courses delivered in over 2,400 training events for IT industry professionals.

How we do it?

We use the languages, platforms and tools that are present in companies, to develop, improve or support business processes.

Theory is everywhere, so we try to teach in a practical way, with examples and solutions. We often start our course with a use case or user story from the company itself, and then we develop it in the classroom.

"Who dares to teach must never stop learning"
(John Cotton Dana)

Where are we going?

Our main work is to provide quality training to IT professionals. We are focused in Spain, but our goal is to do the same in the rest of Europe.

We have contributed sporadically at events and projects, and we want to increase this contributions in the future. Also we want to offer in an open way, the material of our courses to anyone interested.